We from INDIA together working for same purpose to Empower NEEDY HUMAN and ANIMAL Buddies GLOBALLY


Greetings from INDIA !! We some like minded people from various states of INDIA joined our hands together on the Auspicious day of MERRY CHRISTMAS (25-DEC-2017) to work together for the welfare of needy human & animals directly and at the ground level across the globe. We have already started our operations from various states of INDIA and later if we get active members/volunteers from out of INDIA, we will plan our work there too after evaluating the actual needs there. This TRUST is a TRIBUTE to our Founder's Grandfather - LATE CAPTAIN DR. P N ROY CHOUDHURY who dedicated his life working for the WELFARE of near by NEEDY PATIENTS & POOR PEOPLE FREE OF COST & also he is the FOUNDER of INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, TARAKESWAR Branch. For joining us as a MEMBER/Critical NEED, send an Email with details to care@catn.co.in with Soft Copy of your Current ID Card/Address Proof attached. We don't believe in only helping needy by arranging only money for them,we also use our Expertise/Time/Effort/Love/Care & Touch the lives of them by making them more self-enabled/self-driven/self-dependent etc. in their lives in the best possible way with utmost respect. We also fight for the deserved Rights and Justice for Needy Globally. This is a GLOBAL TRUST and also WORLD's 1st TRUST working for the welfare of NEEDY Human & Animals Globally irrespective of any particular Country, Caste, Religion, State or Politics etc. We need your Love, Good wishes, Blessings and Suggestions so engage with us to see our past, ongoing and future planned/unplanned activities going across. For any irregularities you find anywhere on our Trust Work, send E-mail to our Trust EMAIL ID , we will try to do the correction after informing/taking permission etc. from Relevant Country's Highest Authority etc. Please note that in case of any kind of illegal/unauthorized usage of CARE ABOUT THE NEEDY logo and banner by anyone is strictly prohibited and strict action will be taken. Till 27-NOV-2018 05:00PM IST, we have not received/observed any ADVICE/COMPLAINT on our TRUST WORK from any HON. AUTHORITY or HON. INTERNATIONAL PERSONALITIES etc. from the WORLD in TRUST EMAIL. Please advice/correct us by sending an E-mail so that we can work better. Thanks for visiting us and Have an Awesome Day/Night. Love and Respect to you all, Take Care Always !!