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1. DEBJANI BASU : On 12-JAN-2018, received a 8 months older information about a cancer patient's (Debjani Basu) financial help needed to continue her treatment, sent an e-mail to the Hospital Authority for confirmation. On 23-JAN-2018 received an e-mail reply from the Hospital Authority person that - "At present Debjani Basu is in complete remission and she is due for Autologous Transplant. Now she has to arrange INR Rs. 8,00,000 /- more for transplant as she underwent stem cell collection on May 2017." As per updates given by the Hospital Authority via Whatsapp on 07-FEB-2018, out of approx Rs 8 Lakhs , Rs 6.5 Lakhs approx already arranged so now approx Rs 1.5 Lakhs needed to arrange. As per updates received by payment screenshot (Donation page :- on 08-FEB-2018, Rs 1000 sent to hospital bank account directly by one of our member so now approx Rs 1.49 Lakhs are needed to arrange. We have last E-mailed to the hospital authority on 08-FEB-2018 for the confirmation on last point. On 20-FEB-2018, received an email confirmation from the Hospital Authority that its credited into the patient's Trust Account. As reported by Hospital Authority on 27-FEB-2018 in Whatsapp, they requested us to close this case from our side so we are closing it from our side.



Link: Debjani_basu.pdf

2. RUPANKAR BOSE (MR NO-MR/18/000724) - An Acute Mycloid Leukemia (AML) patient's financial help needed to continue his treatment. If you want to help the hospital directly for this child's treatment then please send us a mail after your NETBANKING Transfer or any other payment method to the hospital bank account mentioned in the below attachment and also send your payment screenshot or with the below details at our email id mentioned in our website so that we can Thank you in our website (Donation page :- :-

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As per updates received by payment screenshot (Donation page :- on 08-FEB-2018, Rs 1000 sent to hospital bank account directly by one of our members. As per update received on 09-FEB-2018 from Hospital authority that currently they arranged enough funds themselves and through other parties so we are closing this case as of now.


Link:Rupankar Bose.jpg

Link:Patient Evalution Summary.jpg

Link:Cost Estimate For Treatment.jpg


3. SIDDHARTH MAHATO : On 06-FEB-2018 as reported by the kid's father (Mr. Shiv Shankar Mahato-Cab driver):- Mr. SIDDHARTH MAHATO (around 4 years old kid) diagnosed with "BLADDER OUTLET OBSTRUCTION WITH PUV WITH B/L HUN" in Christian Medical College, Vellore-4 on 18-Apr-2017. They stay in Sarsuna, Behala (Kolkata) and Mr. Shiv is financially struggling to afford his kid's next Tests & Check-up (prescribed by Institute of Child health on Siddharth's last check-up on 31-AUG-2017). Few medical documents of his VELLORE HOSPITAL & INSTITUTE OF CHILD HEALTH attached in below link. Our Team went to his home on 07-FEB-2018 and offered a NETBANKING Transfer contribution of Rs 1500/- by combined 3 members (details mentioned in Donation page :- so that he can resume few tests of his son at local clinic. UPDATE as on 14-FEB-2018 we received (medical bill & test doc attached in the link below) from Mr. Shiv Shankar (patient's dad) with Sidhhartha's local medical test report done on 12-FEB-2018 and medical bill of that . Rs 1190/- was spent to test those and with Rs 310/- left with Mr. Shiv from our donation/contribution. We trasferred Rs 300 as reported by him to us so we have trasferred rest Rs 300 via netbanking. LAST UPDATE as on 03-MAR-2018 , We informed via EMAIL to the SENIOR MANAGEMENT of APOLLO etc. about Sidhharth's Mahato visiting to their KOLKATA Hospital on 05-MAR-2018 morning or later IST. As discussed with Patient Kid's dad on 05-MAR-2018 morning IST, due to some of their personal problems, they will try to visit APOLLO, Kolkata on 06-MAR-2018 around Afternoon or later IST Timing. UPDATE as on 06-MAR-2018 Afternoon IST as discussed with Patient Kid's Dad, they will try to visit Apollo, Kolkata on 07-MAR-2018 Morning IST Time. UPDATE as on 07-MAR-2018 around IST AFTERNOON Time, they visited Apollo, Kolkata and few medical documents came which we will upload in the below given link after few hours. UPDATE around 11 PM IST of 07-MAR-2018, few of the medical docs etc we received from Patient Kid's dad, uploaded in the below link. Update as on 08-MAR-2018 10PM IST, we have sent an Email To Apollo Hospital, Kolkata & their Senior Management for the further Cost Break-up for the Tests which prescribed by the Apollo, Kolkata Doctor (in below link). As last discussed with Patient's Dad, they visited Apollo, Kolkata on 19-MAR-2018 and few prescribed Tests of Sidhharth done (medical bill attached in below link). For the Rest prescribed Tests of Sidhharth, they visited Apollo, Kolkata on 20-MAR-2018 (medical bill attached in below link). All of the Test Results uploaded in the below link. Siddharth visited Apollo, Kolkata on 28-MAR-2018 with his dad for his next round of checkup with the doctor (Medical bill & doctor prescription attached inside below link). As last discussed with Kid Patient's Dad, Siddharth will be going to RABINDRANATH TAGORE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CARDIAC SCIENCES, MUKUNDAPUR for his next Medical Test. As we are unable to connect with Patient Kid's Dad Via Phone/other medium for last few days so we are marking this case as CLOSED as of now. Patient Kid's photo, Birth Certificate, Current Address (extracted from his father's mobile bill) inserted inside the medical doc link given below. Our registration is in process so we cannot do any internal or external fund raising but one kid's life is more important so we just want to help this kid to be fit, grow and shine the name of INDIA to the WORLD by helping the kid's treatment fees at the near by relevant Hospital through his father's bank account/Hospital bank account etc.


Link:Mr. Siddharth's Medical Report.pdf

PLEASE NOTE : We THANK all above HOSPITAL AUTHORITIES as they co-operated/co-operating the needy patients/interested to share their updates on the above etc. as per their rules & regulations etc via EMAIL or any other Media etc. As our official bank account not opened yet so this is not for any kind of fund raising related to anything for our foundation, we just want to save the financially needy patients life with the interested people's help to the hospital directly. For helping Point-3, we have his dad's bank account and he is sharing all the medical bills & other info etc with regular updates . Refer Our Donation Page for our help for the above patients :- ! As in this whole website, we are doing the updates ourselves till now & not by any 3rd party so if you find any typos/corrections/complaints etc please email us immediately at, we will definitely rectify soon after approval from relevant Highest Country Authorities.