Our ongoing and To do List

What we Do

1. We fight for their deserved rights and justice for global needy observed or reported to our Trust Email id/Whatsapp Group with justified data/evidences.

2. Dr. Sushma starting from 31-JAN-2018 doing free of cost Visitation (Serious injury) on the spot for seriously injured animals inside Whitefield between 10am to 6pm (Mon-Friday). Reporter has to bear the Medicine cost. (Details inside WE CARE -> Animal Care).

3. Help different Orphanages/Blind Ashrams/Old age homes etc. in their normal/special education/living etc. with our love, care, time and expertise so that they never feel alone after evaluating the actual needs based on Trust available Funds.

4. Help financially needy critically patients across various states to continue their medical treatment post successful verification and based on the available Trust funds.

5. Help street animals by feeding them and helping them in getting adopted to the right person (right person means minimum some of the qualities the person should have-> he/she can not sell them later or make them homeless etc.). Guidance on animal safety on road (Using radium reflectors round the neck of dogs and cow so that they can be visible at night also by diff. vehicles etc. to avoid accidents)

6. Help in girl child's higher education by awareness program to their parents staying in slum areas of city and villages because it is observed that due to one or multiple reasons they stop education at their early age.

7. Help in Free of Cost if a person in need of a job by circulating his/her cv to Senior Professionals and Recruiters through our Free Job Connect Webpage (http://www.catn.co.in/freejob.html). Please note : As of now we are not providing any direct Job or any Job Guarantee & also we don't hold any responsibility on your cv contents and on your background verification etc. It is upto the interested company and as per their company rules will happen.

8. Help in motivating an Indian Husband who is going through a tough time mentally during IPC Section 498A misuse (as per data, Conviction rate of Sec 498-A is among the Lowest of all IPC Crimes) so that he can come out from the tough time and we can save an innocent life but we will always try to support the Innocent Wife who is actually facing problems etc. from her husband with the help of Hon. Highest Legal Authority of India.

9. Help financially needy family/orphan bride/grooms on their marriage ceremony based on successful verification and available Trust funds.

10. Help to financially needy Sports Player based on successful verification about their actual needs and available Trust funds.

11. We will fight for the deserved Rights & Justice for INDIAN FARMERS.

12. We are requesting INDIA's HON. PETROLEUM MINISTRY to decrease the Price of Diesel to - INR Rs 60 per litre and Petrol to - INR Rs 66 per litre across INDIA OR include Petroleum Products under GST (looking at the benefit of Common People).

13. We love all News/Media Journalists/Reporters so we will fight for their Rights for Freedom of Expression across the Globe.

14. We will try to Protect the Rights of all Movie Technicians across the Globe.

15. We will try to Protect the Rights of all Ranji Trophy Players.