1. CARE ABOUT THE NEEDY does not put any kind of restriction to any of it's member/volunteer's personal/professional/state/religion/political/country life/view.

2. CARE ABOUT THE NEEDY directly reaches needy human/animals and empower them by love, care and expertise etc.

3. CARE ABOUT THE NEEDY loves & respects all Political Parties but CATN logo/banner can not be used in any political party activities or any misdeeds or in any other's venture.

4. Till our TRUST Bank account getting created (CARE ABOUT THE NEEDY Legal registration is in progress), all events are self-sponsored and self-volunteered by CARE ABOUT THE NEEDY Team without any member's paytm/bank account shared in any social media group or any public money involvement.

5. We never charge any kind of money from anyone for becoming a member. We just check some BASIC CRITERIA which is required to serve the needy with UTMOST RESPECT and after that one can be our MEMBER Easily. Everyone from every part of this world are always welcomed with utmost respect in our any ongoing/future Trust work as a new member or volunteer. For joining us as a MEMBER/CRITICAL NEED, send an EMAIL with Details to with Soft Copy of your Current ID CARD/ADDRESS PROOF attached.

6. No one is authorized to collect any money donation from anyone on their paytm/cash/personal bank account etc. from anyone in the name of CARE ABOUT THE NEEDY. Once it's Trust bank account will be opened, all self-interested person can directly transfer their donation to it's official bank account and will get 80G Tax-exemption benefit (as per observed in Indian Law).

7. In case of any kind of irregularities reported to our Trust Email regarding our Trust, we will inform it to the country's highest relevant Authorities for their suggestion & the action needed by them etc as per their rights and laws.

**** All the above Rules/Regulations are on place as per the best Observed GLOBAL LAW & RIGHTS, if you see any correction is needed then please E-mail us on our TRUST EMAIL with the Relevant DETAILS & JUSTIFICATION ****